About Tom Claessens

I was born in 1983, raised within the city boundaries of Antwerp, Belgium. My first passion in life was music. While I still enjoy dedicated listening sessions at home, long gone are the days that I was interested in music production.

Intrepid 4x5 camera, Kalmthoutse Heide, Belgium

During my college studies of graphic design, I got into contact with (analog) photography. I started documenting everyday life, the mundane and developed a particular keen interest in derelict, abandoned buildings. After many years spent in asbestos filled places, I shifted more towards nature photography, which was easily combined with my passion for hiking and camping.

I still shoot both analog and digital. Processing 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 sheet film in a makeshift darkroom.

During office hours I work as a scrum master for A.S. Adventure, a large outdoor/camping and casual clothing retailer in Europe with physical stores in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and UK. With a background in IT, I regularly tinker, and write about technology.