Nostalgic gaming on the Wii

If I remember correctly, we’ve bought our Wii about two and a half years ago, mainly for our two children. After spending some time with the kids on the Wii, it was obvious that they got bored of most games we bought even after a few hours of playing.

Spending our monthly savings solely on Wii games for our kids was not a reasonable idea, we started to look for solutions. The first solution came as so called mod-chip.

Wii Mod-chip

I won’t go into detail what this mod-chip actually is but all you need to know is that this small PCB sits in between your Wii logic board and the DVD drive. It disables some protections so that you can play games with a different region code, or play games from burned CDs/DVDs. This allowed us to download ISOs from Wii-games and burn them on blank disks for use in our Wii console.

Soon however we discovered that there were plenty of “failing” games. Burn errors during the creation process of the disks, read errors during game play. A quick search showed us that it was a common problem and only a combination of a specific burner and disk manufacturer gave a guaranteed result of error free game play. Obviously not the solution we were looking for.