Creating a PC fan tester

Since I bought the Silent Wings 2 fans from Be quiet about a week ago, I wanted to know if they were really as quiet as advertised. However I already got rid of my old PSU and my new one (Corsair AX750) won’t arrive before the end of November, there was no way I could test these newly purchased case fan.

However most PSUs output twelve volts on their connections, and this fan kit came with splitted molex cable with 5V, 7V and 12V fan headers, it should be possible to get a fan working / operating when connected to a 9V battery. So I went to the basement and looked around to see if I could find anything for this mini project.

After a few minutes of looking around, which had a lot in common with a scavenger hunt, I had everything I needed.

  • Wire
  • Fan header
  • Battery
  • Battery connector (optional)
  • Switch (optional)

For the wire I used one of the HDD activity LED cables. I de-soldered a fan header from my old (dead) motherboard. I then soldered the splitted HDD activity LED cable to the pin ends. From a broken smoke detector I removed the battery connector and soldered that one on the other end of the cable. I cleaned up the cable but that’s pure aesthetics. I didn’t use a switch as my only intent was to test the Silent Wings 2 fans for silent operation. So I hooked the connector up to the fan, let it spin for a minute and disconnected the battery.